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“Centre of Design and Packaging” has been operating in the corrugated cardboard marker since 2002.
Our company uses all-purpose equipment which allows us to produce the corrugated cardboard packaging of any dimensions and configurations. The variety of cardboard products types we offer isn’t limited. From simple boxes made of three-layered carton to up-market and souvenir types of packaging made of microflute.
Our factory is supplied with special equipment for three-layered carton manufacture ( KG-, T-21, T-22, T-23, T 24 classes) . We also have large-format flexographic printing press which makes it possible to print on a standard, big and large-dimensioned packaging as well as on corrugated boxes, non-standard and other types of packing.

We have a comprehensive range of existing designs to choose from or we can design a custom made carton to suit your particular requirements. Our specialists will be happy to provide you with the high-quality design services and recommendations on packaging construction. Professional approach to packing design guarantees our clients significant time and money saving.

The range of the products made by the “Center of Design and Packaging” includes various cardboard packaging types, such as corrugated packaging, corrugated microflute packing, corrugated trays, corrugated cardboard boxes and components .

All products are certified and fully comply with the State Standards’ requirements.

We place a great importance on the quality of our products which always goes with the particular care for a customer’s detailed requirements in terms of technical parameters, marking, shipping etc.

Auxiliary equipment for tying up and packing the finished products allows us to ship and deliver our clients’ orders fast and lossless.

Our products are in demand all over the Crimea and Ukraine (in cities like Odessa, Kherson, Melitopol, Nikolaev and other regions) and meet the most sophisticated requirements of our customers.

If you need corrugated cardboard or microflute corrugated cardboard packing, please fill out the order form to receive a sales letter.


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