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We understand the crucial role that product packaging plays in your business as packaging appearance is exactly what makes a purchaser give preference to your product among other  goods of equal quality.

With extensive production capabilities “Center of Design and Packaging” offers the best quality packaging designs as well as four-colour process. We can apply any type of marking on our corrugated products to lay stress on a customer’s brand name, logo, notations, labels etc.

Our artists will be happy to provide you with high-quality design services and recommendations on packaging construction. Professional approach to packing design guarantees our clients significant time and money saving.
Being in tune with the corrugated and printing side of the industry, we prefer flexographic printing. “Centre of Design and Packaging” can apply up to three coatings of four-color process on corrugated cardboard.
Boxes and containers may develop into a full-fledged advertisement being supplied with your company’s logo and contact details.

Our factory is supplied with a large-format flexographic printing press which makes it possible to print on a standard, big and large-dimensioned packaging as well as on corrugated boxes, non-standard and other types of packing.

The method of printing we use is notable for simplicity and inexpensiveness, that’s why printing does not increase the price of our products noticeably.

The quality of patterns can be easily compared with the quality of offset and deep printing methods, as flexographia goes well with the corrugated cardboard.
The very method is non-toxic. We use water- and alcohol- based inks.

If you need corrugated cardboard or microflute corrugated cardboard packing, please fill out the order form to receive a sales letter.


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