Types of boxes made of corrugated cardboard in accordance with State Standard 9142-90

Box type and characteristics Fulfillment
Image scanning Assembled box Unified System for Design Documentation Code
A collapsible box with four-flap bottom and a lid with outside attached flaps A 32 1311
A box with partly overlapping outside flaps B 32 1314
Boxes with fully overlapping  outside flaps C 32 1314
A box with attached inside flaps and partly overlapping  outside flaps D 32 1316
A box with attached outside and inside flaps E 32 1312
A box with short-cut outside and inside flaps on top and attached inside flaps at the bottom F 32 1313
A box with attached outside flaps on top and bottom G 32 1315
Boxes with attached outside flaps without a bottom H 32 1318

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